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I have been working in television, film, theater and in recording studios for over 25 years. 

My career began in Orlando, Florida as an assistant to the Music Producer and then as part of the audio crew for 3-1/2 seasons of “The Mickey Mouse Club” with Keri Russel, JC Chasez, Deedee Lynn Magno Hall, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears.  I also served as the Music and Claymation Coordinator for “Adventures in Wonderland” with Elisabeth Harnois, as well as being the Field Mixer/Boom Operator for many different Disney productions including the Christmas and Easter Parades, Wheel of Fortune, Regis and Kathy Lee, Disney World 20th Anniversary, Bryant Gumbel Celebrity/Amateur Golf UNCF Golf Tournament, Goofy Games, Full House, Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, American Teacher Awards, Hurricane Andrew benefit on Big Thunder Mountain, Walt Disney World Marathon. 

In Nashville I was an assistant engineer at two recording studios, Ocean Way and Sony Tree Demo Studios with Brooks and Dunn, Martina McBride. I mixed live TV shows at the local WB affiliate and was the Field Mixer/Boom Operator on many shoots for Jim Owens Productions/TNN. Those included covering various country artists at the Grand Old Opry and various country concerts, music videos, Fan Fair and other events such as Doug Stone, Mary Wells, Crystal Gayle, Crook and Chase, Today's Country, This Week in Country, Vince Gill, Jo Dee Messina, Clint Black, Neal McCoy and Diamond Rio.  I was also an audio assistant for Opryland Productions working on concerts at the Grand Victoria Casino in Rising Sun, Indiana.

Since moving to Boise I have been a Field Mixer/Boom Operator on various shoots including: the 2009 Special Olympics, shows for WE, NBC, Lifetime, A&E, AMC, MTV, ESPN, TLC, audio restoration for “BRAVO! Common Men, UnCommon Valor”, and various commercials. I began mixing theater in Erie, PA and continued once I moved to Idaho. I worked at the Nampa Civic Center for five years.  My company, Larson Sound, was part of Idaho Media Professionals since its inception in December 2007 and continued through 2014, serving as Treasurer and Membership Coordinator. In 2012 and 2013 I taught audio workshops at the CWI-Expand your Horizons event. I’ve also trained multiple churches in audio.  I am a member of both Women’s Audio Mission and Sound  I have my Pro Tools© 8 Music and Post certification. I currently use Pro Tools 12. 


For the last few years I have been mixing 2 concerts a year for Bobbie Pearce and the Junior Jammers. In 2012 and 2016 I was the Field Mixer/Boom Operator for the Forestry Service on two Staff Rides in the Salmon/Challis National Forest.

Back in 2009 I was hired by Healthwise to produce, record and edit their medical audio library which was being re-recorded. I produced over 400 hours of medical scripts. That got me thinking about audio books. In 2016 I produced my first book for Conda V. Douglas, a local author. We have since done 2 other books together.  In 2017 my husband and I built a studio for me to record here at home.  I do have the ability to go mobile but prefer to record in my studio.


July 2013 Chris, Sharon, Bob, Bob, Ron, and Mark and the entire personal plus staff:   I just received the elevation sheet back from Celebrate Life Church.  I also spoke with Dave Keller over the phone.  I wanted to pass on his compliments to our Staff.   Celebration Life Church is extremely happy with the Auditorium Staff.   They said that Sharon and Chris assist their band and pastor so much, they could not do it without them.  They are always professional and willing to help out anytime.  Dave said the band sounds amazing with Sharon and Chris doing the sound!   They also said thanks to the floor staff members who make the coffee and make sure the rooms are set and ready when they arrive.  They also said that the staff is always helpful and have a smile on their faces.   They are extremely happy to be here and have just booked another 6 months at the Civic Center. Thank you to all, we could not keep such a large church group without the Teamwork of our entire Staff.   James Brown 

Hi all:

Some very kind words for the three of you.  Thank you for making their stay here pleasant!  It is appreciated.

Marie Baker


Nampa Civic Center


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From: Mike Dodd [] 

Sent: Friday, January 11, 2013 10:52 AM

To: Marie Baker; Deidre Friedli

Subject: THANK YOU!

Hello Marie and Deidre!  I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to you and your team for all you have done for us at the Nampa Civic Center.  You were/have been exceptionally generous and patient with us during our time at your venue and the people of the Capital Christian Center's Nampa Campus were very blessed as a result.

Please say thanks to all those who faithfully served our vision during our time there on the weekends...Chris, Sharon and Bob!  They were so wonderful and accommodating in every way and we couldn't have done it without yours and your team's combined efforts.

God bless.

Thanks, again!!!



Mike Dodd

Associate Pastor

Capital Christian Center


Hi all:

Thought I would pass this on…Great job!  Thanks for all your hard work.

Marie Baker


Nampa Civic Center


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From: Jeffrey Gunstream 

Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 3:52 PM

To: Marie Baker

Subject: Little Shop of Horrors THANK YOU


On behalf of the cast and crew of the recent production of Music Theatre of Idaho's "Little Shop of Horrors" and myself I simply wanted to say thank you.  We could not have had the successful production we did without you and the staff of the Civic Center, as well as your facilities.  I could not have been happier with how things went and how intricately involved or essential your staff and the Civic Center plays in each and every one of our productions.  But from me personally I needed you to hear and see in writing how thankful I am.  I always am but this time in particular I needed more from the NCC and I received it in vast quantities. 

The regular staff on the floor, the office and the auxiliary were fabulous as always and they were extremely helpful and compliant with huge smiles on their faces.  But even more I must throw my extreme and special thanks to three others as well as they did more than usual and beyond the call of duty.  I know it may not be unusual of them to perform this way but I especially appreciated it and I need to acknowledge it to you.  You may already know this about them but this is my time to brag.  Chris Talbot, Sharon Larson, and Patricia Walker White are stars in my book and I will forever be grateful for their hard and diligent work with encouraging attitudes.  They were positive and innovative at all times.  Not only did they ask what they could do, they solved problems and took it steps further, foreseeing the inevitable.  They encouraged my cast and crew and made the run of the show possible and fun.  They allowed me as a director to direct the show and worry about other things as a director should because they had handled the other issues.  They allowed me to do my job and have a show run as it should for each and every one of the patrons that attended.  We could not have done it without them and I consider them and you as a part of the team and crew that made the show possible.   

Thank you so very much with the deepest regards, 

Jeffrey W. Gunstream 

Technical Director for MTI and Director for "Little Shop of Horrors"  




Visual, 3D and Graphic 


Of creativity

Martin M. Jones Motion Picture and Sound

The shoot is over. Was just fantastic. Dave Butler, (camera man and has his own motion picture company), is not only a fantastic cam man but a great DP as well. Sharon Larson of Larson Sound, (specializing in audio books and recording on set), was and is a very fun person to be around, along with being one of the best in the industry. Our talent hired was great on set with special thanks to Kaylee Morrison, a great actress and singer. Our client for demo reel, Jonathan Sherr, made this job a dream job and is such a pro, it made our work easy. Lots of laughs and will post lots of photos and video clips today. Have to move everything back into place and clean talent and crew house. Work is never done!

Sharon Larson is one hell of a sound person. She has been on many sets including the Disney ones and in fact, recorded Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina A. on the Mickey Mouse shows. Never gets frazzled, always focused and possibly the lowest cost member of our crew as she eats Oreos for breakfast. Gotta love that!

James Brown, Nampa Civic Center


Thank you for doing this.  I appreciate what you do for the Civic Center.

You’re great to work with.

See you later this afternoon.

James Brown

Nampa Civic Center


Lance Thompson, President, Idaho Media Professionals 

“Sharon Larson is an experienced, well-prepared, thoroughly professional sound engineer. She performed these services at several shoots and functions for Idaho Media Professionals, and her work was flawless. Additionally, as treasurer of IMP, she capably handled the many demanding bookkeeping, web development and administrative duties without complaint, and was a tremendous asset to the organization. Sharon is a total pro.” 

Tom Hamilton, Production 101 Workshop Attendee 2010

Sharon, first of all, I am glad you could read my handwriting enough that the email actually made it to me.  Not only am I impressed on your knowledge of sound, you must have great skills in deciphering uncommon written languages as well.

Thanks for the wrap up and info, I learned a lot through the workshop and will continue to show up at the other workshops that I am able to attend.  It was a great introduction and I look forward to the upcoming events.  Hope it was worthwhile for you as well, it is always great to be able to speak with someone with your knowledge and feel that they enjoy sharing that knowledge while teaching you.


Tom Hamilton

Betty K. Rodgers, Co-Producer of "Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor"

Thank you for all that you have shared about the art of filming recently.  It is gratifying as “newbies” to be mentored at a time in our lives when we do a lot of mentoring ourselves in our own areas of expertise.   At any rate, we would be very interested, not only in the info you are putting together to send out, but also in the list of consignment websites you trust.  At this point we don’t have any idea how much we will be hiring vs how much we will do ourselves, but we don’t want to rule out any possibilities.   We bought a domain name for it yesterday, so here we go!   Grazie, Betty 

Suzanne Richiardone, Producer Pangolin Pictures, "Secret Lives of Women"

Hi Sharon, Thanks for sending your invoice. It was great working with you too! We appreciate your help and hard work. I think that everything we shot in Boise will be great. Thanks for letting us know your schedule. We'll definitely let you know if we need sound when we return! 

All the best, Suzanne